Program Description:

Leaders for Community Change

Giving aspiring and community leaders in low-income communities the tools to transform their companies and neighborhoods.

The Reality in Low-Income Communities

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Generational Poverty

Communities where poverty continues over generations lack businesses to create jobs, tax base and community infrastructure.

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Fewer Businesses

While they are home to 2 out of every 9 workers, low-income areas only have 2 out of every 11 self-employed workers and only 2 out of every 30 businesses with employees.

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Fewer Employees

Among businesses with employees, businesses in low-income areas have 25% fewer employees.

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Less Opportunity

Every low-income community has students, displaced workers, and single parents with a vision for their future, and a desire to start a business, but with no capacity to gather the resources or build support to move ahead.

The Power of Business

Low-income communities are found across America in both urban and rural areas. They all face similar challenges with a lack of business investment, poor educational options, and a lower quality of life because of poverty. 

While there are many causes, the best solutions to revitalize these communities always come from local businesses and community leaders who work to create jobs, support investments in children and youth, and create better places to live and work. We believe that it is local leaders who make the difference, not government programs.

Sadly these local leaders are in short supply, with many leaving to find better opportunities. Providing support, and inspiring courage and faith among local business leaders helps them to take on the challenge of creating good jobs, supporting their communities, and investing in the places where they live.  

Training new factory workers

Empowering Local Business Leaders

The key to facilitate this change is to identify community business leaders and to provide leadership and community outreach training along with a support network. Because the desire to make a difference is already present, the additional skills and support allows them to achieve greater impact more quickly, and to sustain their efforts over time.  As a result emerging leaders are inspired, equipped and connected, no matter their background, to take the next steps in building enterprises in their own communities that can lift people and towns out of poverty.

The Leaders for Community Change Program:

  • Operates training and coaching programs nationally.
  • Connects business leaders from economically healthy areas with low-resource communities.
  • Builds new skills for growing a business and making a difference.
  • Provides for personal and business development coaching.
  • Connects with business leaders in their own communities and churches.


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