Building Capacity with Institutions and Leaders that Change Our World

CTS is a Virginia based 501c3 Nonprofit organization that provides capacity building and support for organizations that are improving the quality of life throughout the nation.
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To develop healthy leaders, organizations and communities based upon a holistic approach to human development that includes social, physical, educational, and spiritual health.
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We envision communities in which leaders, businesses, nonprofits and community organizations thrive and reach their full potential.
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View every community through the lens of promise.
View every leader as a gift and a steward in their circle of relationships.
View challenges as opportunities for growth and differences as the fuel for cooperation.
Invest in leaders who will live out what they’ve learned and pass it on to others.
Apply the seven principles of servant leadership
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Nonprofit Capacity Building

Dedicated to assisting and improving the capacity and impact of nonprofits serving communities with the belief that charitable institutions are a primary instrument in the development of healthy families.
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Leadership Development

With the knowledge that it is community, business and family leadership that moves people toward sustainable and healthy lives, we invest in leaders who will pass on what they've learned to others.
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Community Capacity Building

Dedicated to increasing the capacity and impact of mission-minded businesses and nonprofits that support healthy communities. We support them as an integral part of developing healthy communities and fostering greater mission-mindedness on the part of businesses and other institutions. Current projects include the "Leaders for Community Change" program offered nationally.